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"The Value of Honesty is Priceless" ™

About Sun City Mechanical LLC

Sun City Mechanical, LLC was formed in October 2003 by Gary Ferguson. Gary was tired of working for companies that were just out to make a buck and take advantage of people. He has always instilled in his team members the value of honesty and integrity. The company has always prided itself on being a customer service-focused company and doing what is right by our customers.

The value of honesty is priceless!

We enrich lives through products and services that improve energy, efficiency, and comfort, while providing a healthy and safe environment in which to live. We balance the needs of our customers, our team members, and the company as guided by our core values.

Mission Statement

Core Values

Integrity - Respect others. Be honest. Do what is right.


Innovation - Overcome challenges with creativity.


Satisfaction -  Exceed expectations. Create memorable experiences.


Development - Invest in personal and professional growth.


Unity - Teamwork is the source of our strength.

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