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Repairmen fixing an A/C unit Water heater system

Let us check for energy related solutions for your home. If your heating, cooling, and other systems are more than a few years old, they may not be running as efficiently as they could be. That causes your energy costs to rise unnecessarily. Luckily, our professional team provides repairs, replacements, and even maintenance agreements that can reduce your costs and keep your home environmentally friendly.

Is your home as energy efficient as it could be?

We are a service oriented business.That's why we have rave reviews on the Better Business Bureau, Registrar of Contractors, Sun City HOA, and PORA in Sun City West. Don't trust anyone else.

Work with our licensed and insured professionals to get the job done. Whether it is time to upgrade your home's heating system or you could benefit from a more efficient water heater, we'll be there for you. You'll get 100% customer satisfaction, superior workmanship, and competitive rates from us for every service every time. We even offer a phone service for off-hour emergency services.

Our licensed technicians are ready to get to work on your HVAC & plumbing



Duct Testing and Repair

Duct systems are often installed in attics where they are out of sight and out of mind.  But what you don't see could be costing you a lot of money and affecting your personal comfort and indoor air quality.  A leaky duct system can cost up to $200 on your energy bill.  Duct systems often have poorly sealed connections, loose fittings or disconnected duct runs.  The result can be cooled air blown into your attic or hot air pulled into your air conditioning system.  You also may risk exposure to potential indoor air quality problems.  Some duct leakage indicators are duct work insulation that has dark, discolored areas, rooms that are difficult to cool or heat, or seem stuffy or dusty, heat pump air that feels lukewarm or cold during winter, and duct interiors that often get dirty.  We are an APS qualified contractor and have gone through special training to ensure the tests and repairs are done correctly the first time.  To have a duct test costs $100 at the time of the visit.  However, APS will rebate $75 for the test.  APS will also rebate up to $325 for any repair work that may need to be done.  Total, that is up to $400 in rebates APS offers for this program!!