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If you have high energy bills, you may want to look at ways to save some money. Supercooling is one way to cut those energy costs. This method cools down your home as you save some dollars. However, you will need to crank the temperature down to a low level to achieve any savings. Before you touch that thermostat, here are a few things that you need to know about supercooling.

What Is Supercooling?

For many homeowners, they do not turn up or down the temperature in their houses. Instead, they will set it at a specific temperature and leave it for the remainder of the day. This method is often called the “set it and forget it” technique. While this is an easy way to keep your residence cool, it does not reduce energy costs.

Other people want to save money on their energy bills and will use a method called supercooling. You can cool down your home without wasting extra money on bills. With supercooling, you need to set your house’s thermostat to a very low temperature. Many proponents of this method suggest a temperature between 60 to 70 degrees. From the furniture to the floors, you must cool everything down. Supercooling should also only be done during a specific part of the day. You will want to run the cooling system during the electric company’s off-peak hours. With this technique, you are using the majority of your energy when it is at the lowest rates.

When your whole residence is chilled, you can turn off the air conditioner for the day. It will take some time for the sun and heat to warm up your home. In theory, your house will stay cool as you reduce your energy consumption during peak hours. However, with this process, you will be asking your air conditioner to cool down your residence to extreme levels.

Is Supercooling Safe?

Before you start to supercool your home, you might be worried about the stress on your cooling system. With many air conditioners, a temperature of 60 degrees will mean that your system will operate for a long time to reach that level. With that workload, it could put a strain on your equipment.

However, many people believe that supercooling is easier for their systems. With regular usage, your unit will turn on and off during the day. That means there is added stress since the system must start up and shut down. When you use the supercool method, your unit does not have that stress. Rather, it can just start and continue running until it reaches the desired temperature.

Supercooling will make your air conditioner operate for long periods of time. You need to make sure that your current unit is up to the task. Before you touch the thermostat, you will want to have an inspection done of your cooling system. With this visit, you can make sure that the components are ready for the job. If you have regular maintenance performed on your system, your cooling unit should be able to supercool your house safely. For those who neglect this step, you need to know if the system can handle those extreme temperature drops. To check on your cooling system’s health, make sure to schedule a service call with Sun City Mechanical.

What to Know About Supercooling

Supercooling is more than just turning down the thermostat. You should understand the details of your current energy plan. For most people, their electric company charges different rates for peak and off-peak hours. You will spend more money in the daytime to cool your home than during the night. The supercooling method requires you to use your cooling system when energy is at a cheaper rate. In most cases, you can save about 25% to 35% of your energy costs by operating the air conditioner at night.

If you are ready to supercool your house, you will need to contact your electric company. You do not have to tell them about your plan, but you will want to know your usage rates and consumption levels. With a quick phone call, you can learn about your specific plan and the different rates throughout the day. For those plans with the same price during the day and night, you might be able to switch your energy plan.

With all of this information available, you can figure out when supercooling will be beneficial for your household. Many people choose to run their air conditioner in the middle of the night. You can drop the temperature quickly without worrying about the daytime heat warming up your home. Once again, you will want to check out your specific energy consumption to choose the right method to save money on your electric bills.

Supercooling Tips and Tricks

While supercooling might seem like a great idea, you have to understand your energy usage. For those who use most of their energy during off-peak hours, supercooling might not be beneficial. There are a few things that you can do to increase savings on your energy bills.

The main focus of supercooling is turning on and off the thermostat. You can accomplish this by hand, but it can be inconvenient for those who may not be at home during the day. With a programmable thermostat, you never have to worry about adjusting the temperature. You can program it for a time to switch on and off. Once the system has reached the desired temperature, the cooling system will stay off for the remainder of the day.

Finally, supercooling will chill your house. You will want to make sure you have plenty of warm clothes and blankets to stay comfortable. Warm sunlight will increase the temperatures in your home. You should cover those windows with blinds or curtains to keep the interior nice and cool. If you need to open a window or door, you will want to close them as soon as possible. Cold air can quickly escape as your residence heats up. Since you want the cool air to remain in your home, you should make sure that there are no leaks throughout your residence. If you are worried about that, you can always schedule an energy audit with your local HVAC company.

As you can tell, there are many benefits to supercooling your home. While this method will not damage your system, you want to have an inspection done before you put your unit to the test. With the right implementation of supercooling, you can save some serious money on your energy bills.

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