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Saving money is a high priority on the part of numerous homeowners. So is making the right decisions about appliance upgrades and replacements. When a home furnace malfunctions, concerns exist about whether repairing or replacing becomes the smarter move. Blanket answers about which one is best are impossible to offer. You must look at several factors to come up with the right solution.

Think About the Costs

How extensive is the damage? If you forgot to change the filter, you might see clogs and dirt buildup. Paying for cleaning isn’t too big of a deal. If failing to switch out the old furnace filter leads to overheating-related cracks, then you might have a totaled HVAC system. When there’s significant damage, extensive repair work makes sense. On a newer furnace, you may choose to go this route. With a model that’s many years old, replacing the system could be a better idea.

Figure Out the Costs

The repair technician doesn’t start any job before issuing an estimate. The cost of the repair work in relation to getting a new furnace is something to weigh. Is it advisable to pay $2,000 for repairs when you could purchase a $2,500 electric heater instead? Only you can answer that question based on your situation. Some may find buying a new model is best. Sun City Mechanical in Sun City, AZ, can help with both installation and repair work. Our technicians are skilled at tune-ups, too.

The Furnace Becomes Too Old

Some HVAC units come with remarkable manufacturing and can last up to 30 years. The 30-year period, however, will pass at some point. Performing repairs on a model destined to the recycling graveyard might not make any sense. Usually, a more cost-effective solution is the best one. Those with limited funds might wish to look into financing the purchase of a new heater.

It makes good sense to call a company capable of performing repairs or installation work. Sun City Mechanical has a team capable of doing so. Since 2003, we’ve provided heating, cooling, and plumbing services to local residents. Emergency HVAC and plumbing work is available as well. Call our office today to schedule a meeting at your earliest convenience.