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No matter how well-maintained a home’s plumbing system is, it’s possible for a component to malfunction or a clog to develop. In these situations, you’ll likely need to call a plumber you can trust to provide quality plumbing maintenance and repairs. Choosing the right plumber for the job might not be easy when there are so many options to select from. However, knowing how to choose the best plumber should make this process a simpler one.

Consider Pricing and Compare Hourly Rates

One factor that you might want to consider is pricing, which involves comparing hourly rates. While it’s possible to select a plumbing company that offers the lowest rate, choosing the most reputable plumber will give you the best chance of getting high-quality work.

When comparing hourly rates between the various plumbers in your area, keep in mind that plumbers can bill differently when taking working hours into account. Plumbers from further away may charge more than ones closer to your location.

Before hiring a plumber, you should be confident that they will provide you with reliable and consistent services. At Sun City Mechanical, our plumbers have years of experience in keeping customers satisfied and providing them with transparent pricing.

Look for a License

Any company that delivers plumbing services to homeowners in Buckeye, AZ must have a license to perform this work. While some professionals without a license still offer their services, they aren’t legally allowed to operate in the state, which is why it’s best to hire a plumbing company that will automatically provide you with proof of a license.

Hiring a licensed plumber will help you be confident that the one you hire knows what they’re doing. Any master or journeyman plumber is required to obtain four years or more of experience before being able to take the licensing exam.

Check Reviews

An effective way to narrow your options and find the best plumbing company for the job is to check reviews, which can be done online or by seeking recommendations from friends. The majority of companies will have online reviews of their businesses that can be viewed on Google, Yelp, and similar websites. If you find a plumbing company with a high percentage of bad reviews, this is a good indication that you should go in another direction.

When reading reviews, ask yourself when they were posted, if they seem legitimate, and if the company responded to them. In the event that the poor reviews were written years ago, it’s possible that they don’t reflect the company’s current reputation. Most companies take numerous steps to fix the problems that their customers are going through. If a review is poorly written or doesn’t make sense, it may be best to disregard them.

Among the best indications that a company is reputable involves how quickly they respond to the negative reviews. Did they attempt to understand the problem and respond immediately? If so, there’s a good chance that the company is willing to hear the customer’s concerns and find a sensible resolution.

Ask for References

When you’re thinking of hiring a plumber, ask for references from any recent projects they’ve done. All reputable plumbers will provide references when you ask. Once you contact a previous customer, ask about their experience and if they would hire the plumber again. By asking the right questions, you should find out what it’s like to work with this individual or company.

Consider Plumbers Who Provide Workmanship Warranties

Plumbers should take pride in the work they do and be confident enough to provide you with a workmanship warranty, which is typically added onto the manufacturer warranty that comes with any parts used in the project. This type of warranty is mainly available with larger plumbing projects. If the plumber you want to hire won’t offer a warranty, it may be best to consider someone else.

Inquire About Emergency Services

When you’re searching for the right plumber, you should also know what their emergency service policy is. In the event that your boiler breaks or a pipe bursts, you should be able to request 24-hour emergency services.

You don’t need to be in a situation where you have to wait eight hours for your plumber to arrive because a pipe happened to spring a leak at midnight. Having access to 24/7 service should give you peace of mind that all of your needs will be met.

Make Sure the Plumber Is Bonded and Insured

If a plumbing company is bonded and insured, this means that the insurance will cover the expenses related to unexpected damage that takes place during the plumbing project. Here at Sun City Mechanical, we are fully bonded and insured to provide our customers with all of the protection they need.

Insurance is helpful in numerous scenarios. If a plumber breaks a pipe accidentally, the insurance provider will cover damages. The company will also have workers compensation and liability insurance to cover the costs associated with medical expenses if someone were to become injured while on the property.

When a company or contractor is bonded, this ensures that they will stand by the work they do. If they don’t follow through, the surety bond provider will offer monetary protection. The issues that can be covered by a surety company include everything from the plumbing company not completing the project to the company not paying for the necessary permits.

Communication Skills Should Be Strong

Knowing how to communicate with the plumber you hire is an important aspect of making sure that the final results of the project meet your expectations. Your plumber should listen to any concerns you have and work to address them. By hiring a friendly plumbing company, you should be able to build confidence and trust with them.

When the plumber arrives at your home, they’ll be doing work in your personal space, which is why you likely want someone for the job who will treat you and your property with respect. When you first meet with a plumber you’re thinking of hiring, ask any question that comes to mind. If the plumber is unable to answer your questions or does so in an unclear manner, consider hiring someone else.

Estimate Should Be Accurate and Detailed

Before any plumbing work occurs in your home, you should receive an accurate estimate about the project and what the price is expected to be. If there are fees for the quote, they should be applied to the entire project once it’s finished. Make sure that you understand everything that’s set to occur during the project and what the costs will be. Being informed allows you to avoid unexpected surprises.

To prevent additional damage to your home or appliances, you should contact Sun City Mechanical. We have the expertise required to provide all plumbing services, which include everything from gas line repair and sewer services to drain cleaning and water heater repair. We also offer heating and cooling services that can be used to maintain, repair, or install any HVAC unit.

If you’d like to upgrade your current thermostat, our team can help you program and install a smart thermostat. Air quality solutions are available as well if you want to make sure that your indoor air is clean and free from harmful toxins. Call Sun City Mechanical today to schedule an appointment for our plumbing services.