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Your water heater is probably not something you give much thought to when it’s operating properly. As long as you’re getting a steady flow of warm water when you need it, everything is good, right?

However, because a water heater is such a central piece of equipment to your home, you will want to provide it with regular attention and maintenance. Flushing out your water heater regularly is a primary form of maintenance.

How Often Should I Flush My Water Heater?

You can’t go wrong with making this an annual chore. Set a time of the year where you’re able to flush your water heater, or have a professional team like the one at Sun City Mechanical in Buckeye, AZ, do it for you.

These professionals will also be able to provide an in-depth inspection to spot any developing issues and address them accordingly. If your household is especially large and you go through more water, you will want to flush out the water heater on a more frequent basis — every eight or six months.

Flushing Your Water Heater Will Rid It of Sediment Buildup

Whether your home gets its water from a well or a municipal supply, sediment will slowly accumulate in your water heater. The sediment, which consists of minerals like calcium and magnesium, will be more prevalent in homes that suffer from hard water.

This sediment won’t necessarily put you or your family in danger, but it can affect the color and taste of your water, in addition to piling up at the bottom of your water heater to cause issues.

Heat Your Water More Effectively and Affordably

By flushing your water heater on an annual basis, you are making it more effective in heating your water. Excessive sediment can hinder the heat conduction process. Or, even worse, years of sediment buildup can potentially cause your tank to burst or break.

Keep Your Home’s Systems Working Efficiently

Sun City Mechanical’s plumbing expertise extends beyond water heaters to drain cleaning, fixture upgrades, water softeners, solar water systems, garbage disposals, leak detection and more. Our licensed staff also provides a full list of heating and cooling services, as well.

When you run into heating, cooling or plumbing issues in your home, don’t hesitate to connect with our responsive staff right away.