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You probably gaze cluelessly at the tank when your toilet starts to run and doesn’t stop after the usual flush cycle. When the toilet is running all the time, you’re ultimately losing tons of water and increasing your water bill. You’ve come to the right place if you’re unsure why your toilet continues running. We’ll go over the causes in this post as well as what you may do to fix it.

A Worn-Out Toilet Flapper

The flapper in the toilet tank could be faulty, and it has probably shrunk due to the chemicals in the water. This happens to be the most typical cause of a running toilet. It usually takes a while, maybe 3 to 5 years, for a flapper to fail.

When you flush the toilet, the lift arm in the tank elevates, pushing on a chain attached to a toilet flapper. The chain raises the flapper and allows water into the toilet bowl. The flapper returns to its original position after enough water has exited the tank, resealing the tank.

Water will seep into the toilet bowl if the flapper is cracked, causing it to flow continuously. If that’s the case, shut off the water supply to the toilet by rotating the cutoff nozzle clockwise. The toilet should be flushed. Remove any remaining water with a cloth or sponge. You can now replace the flapper by unhooking it.

The great news is that a toilet flapper costs less than $15 and is relatively simple to replace on your own. Although the quantity of water wasted by a faulty toilet flapper is tiny, it’s still something you should address.

Check the Float

A float is a mechanism in your toilet. The float’s job is to turn off the water flow whenever the water level in your tank reaches a specified level. If the water level in the tank increases too high, it will overflow into the overflow pipe.

Whenever the float is excessively high, it causes a problem as it stops the water from reaching the overflow tube. Your water will run continually and, as a result, lose a huge amount of water. If your toilet continues to run due to a high float, just adjust the float’s height so that it stops the water from flowing well before the water hits the overflow tube.

Open your tank lid, and inspect the float for tangles with the chain as this will impact the float’s performance. If everything appears to be in shape in that sector, the problem might be with the float itself.

Shake the float and check for any water within. If you hear water sloshing, the float is most likely clogged with water and will have to be replaced completely.

The Flapper Chain Could Require Adjusting

The chain that links your toilet handle to the flapper is another reason for a running toilet. If the chain is too short, the flapper will not go low enough to produce a good seal between the tank and the bowl. This causes your toilet to run continuously, wasting a lot of water.

If the chain is much too long, it can become caught in between the tank’s base and flapper, getting stuck under the flapper. If you discover that wobbling the toilet handle stops the water from running, your chain could be too long.

A Stuck Handle

A jammed toilet handle is another possible cause for your toilet to keep running. Some handles don’t fit properly. When the toilet is flushed, overtightening the handle might cause it to become stuck in place.

Fixing a stuck handle is as simple as loosening it enough to allow it to move without being trapped freely. Again, this simple remedy only requires altering the flapper chain length.

Incorrect Water Level

If the water level in your toilet is too high, any remaining water will trickle into the overflow tube, generating that annoying running water sound. You must repair this problem as soon as possible to avoid plumbing issues in your bathroom.

Check for an open tube joining the tank and the toilet bowl to see whether the problem is with your water level. This is your overflow tube. Check to see if water continues to drain through into the overflow tube. If that’s the case, the water level in your toilet will need to be adjusted by lowering your float.

A Faulty Refill Tube

The refill tube may constantly push water into the bowl, which is another probable reason for your running toilet. This can happen once the fill tube is excessively long and not properly positioned in the overflow tube.

If you have a toilet overflowing tube problem, lift the tank lid and look for the fill tube. It’s a short flexible tube that connects the fill valve and the overflow tube in the toilet. This tube spills sufficient water down the overflow tube to replenish the bowl once the flush is completed while the tank refills. The bowl will not fill if this tube breaks or if the water flow passes the overflow tube, so the next flush will be weak or, rather, will not have a strong siphon.

Reconnect your fill tube and securely press it against the fill valve. Make sure the fill tube pours water into your toilet’s overflow tube and that it sits over the top. Flush the toilet, and watch the water stream to ensure it drains into the overflow tube.

Tools and Materials You May Need

  • Gloves made of rubber
  • Fill valve replacement
  • Replacement parts for toilets
  • Screwdriver with multiple bits
  • Pliers for cutting

We strongly encourage you to have a professional plumber examine the issue since there may be additional problems with the toilet that require repair and upkeep. However, this does not prevent you from inspecting the toilet yourself!

A toilet that is constantly running in your home can be quite a nuisance, but the good news is that it’s pretty simple to repair. However, if your toilet is always clogged or has water leaking at the base, you should probably have a specialist inspect it.

If you’ve been trying to fix the toilet yourself but still can’t get it to work, contact Sun City Mechanical right away. Remember, your water bill grows by the second when you leave a toilet running! Since 2003, Sun City Mechanical has delivered professional plumbing, heating, and cooling services to Sun City, AZ residents. We’re the team to call when you need a competent plumber in Sun City. You can count on us to address any aspect of your plumbing project, no matter how difficult or nasty it is. We have the tools and supplies to complete any project, regardless of how big or small you might think it is, from sewers and drains to faucets and toilets. We can also assist you if you need help with your Sun City home’s heating or cooling system. Check us out; our dedicated team is waiting!